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Five o’Clock Fred’s 8 Funny Drawbacks To Working In A Cubicle

2012 April 4
by Contributor

Laughter is the best medicine, or so they say.

Did you get a few chuckles out of these truisms? Did they give you at least temporary relief from your chronic case of cubicle fever?

Be warned however, that if management finds you smiling while looking over our list of “8 Drawbacks to Working in a Cubicle,” it is often grounds for immediate dismissal. Have a spreadsheet ready to pop up on your computer monitor.

Of course, not everything about working in a cubicle is as bad as these 8 drawbacks. A lot of great friendships begin in this working environment, and they don’t all necessarily lead to a harassment lawsuit down the line.

And, cubicle workers save a lot of money on their wardrobes. Except on those days when meetings are scheduled, people who work all day in their cubicles only have to look professional from the chest up. We know many who drop off their pants (literally) at the dry cleaners in the morning and pick them up on the way home at night. Occasionally someone notices, but few say anything about it.

Here’s the bottom line. Over the long haul, you’re about as happy as you decide to be, whether you work in a cubicle on the ground floor or in a high rise corner office.

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So smile and be happy.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Robert S. Donovan

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