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Five Most Successful Online Marketing Campaigns

2012 October 15

The Old Spice Guy

Some campaigns that do not even start online, and perhaps were never intended to be online, make their big splash there. This can be said of the Old Spice Guy campaign. Although this one started as television commercials advertising a new line of Old Spice products to a younger crowd, the Internet picked it up and made endlessly parodies of the ads, which only served to get the message out even more. The Old Spice guy in the commercials makes many seemingly random comments throughout the ad that are tied together perfectly and just begging to be made into parodies, and that is exactly what happened.

Virgin Blue Gives Away $9 Tickets

Getting a plane ride for $9 is something that almost no one would balk at. This was what Virgin Blue was betting on when it offered 1000 tickets for $9 a piece through Twitter. All that people on Twitter had to do was mention the offer or “retweet” it to their friends in order to be one of the lucky ones to receive the ticket. This naturally made this campaign take off even faster than it might have otherwise since the winners were the first 1000 to take action.

The Ultimate Home Page

The Internet often rewards those who are creative above all else. The idea or service that one is providing to the world does not have to make much economic sense so long as it is unique. That is what Alex Tew cashed in on when he decided that he was going to sell literally every pixel of his home page to advertisers who were willing to pay $1 per pixel. Since pixels are extremely small on the screen, Alex had one million of them to sell on his homepage. The idea was so unique that he managed to sell them all, and he walked away with a cool $1 million.

Sometimes You Just Have To Fake People Out

Everyone likes to get faked out by a company now and then if they are good at the way that they do it. This is what Quiksilver was hoping to pull off when it released videos talking about surfers using dynamite to make their waves last longer for riding. Although this does not work in real life, Quiksilver was able to get the show “Mythbusters” to test it out, and this correlation to the popular “Mythbusters” show helped to make the company a household name.

Gmail Invites

Google decided to play a game of exclusivity with its customers when it introduced the world to Gmail. Rather than being like every other email service that existed, Google decided that it was going to only allow people to join Gmail at first if they received an invite from a current member. They gave initial invites to just a few people in order for those people to spread the word for them. Amazingly, this strategy worked beautifully. Although people do not now need an invite to join, Gmail has grown into the third largest email provider on the web.

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