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Five Fun Travel Niche Ideas For Bloggers

2012 January 16

Want to start a viral niche blog? If so, why not take a look at travel. We look at the travel niche and the many sub topics that abound within this overall category. Whether for fun, profit or both the ideas below should get your creativity flowing and net you an idea or two that would make for a great travel niche blog.

The cool (and smart) thing about the travel niche is that it’s both informational and product oriented, two great ingredients found in most income generating blogs.

Essentially if there’s a magazine for your intended topic, there’s demand for it. Looking through magazine titles is one of the best ways to get inspiration for a good niche. Let me know if my ideas help you find that awesome niche topic you’ve been thinking about.

1. Teen Travelers – this is an untapped niche that could very well be served via a good and fun micro blog. Think of all the different article topics you could cover in the area of products aimed at teens traveling and the many articles you could write discussing fun ways to keep teens entertained while traveling. This idea would definitely be suited for those who are kids at heart and wouldn’t mind talking endlessly about silly and or wacky teen travel topics.

2. Female Travelers – a HUGE market in and of itself, female travelers. When women travel by themselves it’s a production, everything from the clothing we wear to the shoes we plan to bring is given a great deal of thought. The food, our hair, gadgets, socks, outerwear, restaurants, hotels, etc are a prime opportunity for good and strategic blog articles. Some possible domain name ideas for a niche travel blog aimed at women could include, and so on. Get creative and have fun with it.

3. Hispanic Travelers – another massive market for a travel niche site. The thing about picking a very specific niche like the five I am mentioning here is that you laser target a group of people who know you are talking to them or about them. It’s not about excluding anyone, it’s about inclusion of a very specific group of people. With Hispanics, you could delve into fashion, food, cool gadgets, cultural differences, tips when traveling locally or abroad and so much more.

4. SEO’s, Other Bloggers And Freelance Writers – here’s a group of people you should know quite well and be able to cater to smartly. You should know exactly what type of information would appeal to SEO’s, other bloggers and freelance writers as you are all or some of these things. Think of the many annual conferences, workshops and other big name events that go on each year and how it impacts this group as far as travel. Many of these big name conferences like Blog World Expo, Affiliate Summit, TED and SMX draw huge crowds from all over the US and abroad and a niche blog dedicated to this distinctive group might be very well received.

5. Travel Phobes – as much as some people love to fly, there is an equal amount of people who shudder at the very thought. Some hate planes, others loathe a long train ride and yet others would rather walk than hop on board a bus. Yet, they still have to commute somehow for their journey. A blog dedicated to travel phobes would be quite a resource, not too mention a fun property for those who like to deliver “outside the box” content. You could discuss different ways to travel, alternate routes, ways to soothe those weary of travel, products aimed at travel phobes, etc. There’s lots of potential with this one.

There are a number of travel niches to pick from for your new blog, the five mentioned above are but a few quick ideas to get you started in the right direction. Hope this article is helpful, do let us know what you ultimately decide on.

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cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Prabhu B Doss

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