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Five Books That Help Get Kids to Eat Their Greens

2014 January 16
by Annie Wallace

books-kidsOne of the most effective way to get children to eat their greens is to get them involved in cooking. For many moms a challenge, cooking together with kids can be fun, and rewarding, especially when the end result is a healthier diet, and lifelong healthy eating habits.

Children can do all kinds of simple chores in the kitchen. Depending on their age, they can either wash salad, greens, and fruit; or snip herbs with kitchen scissors. Older kids can help prepare a salad dressing, and even cook simple meals, under adult supervision, from the beginning till the end.

The challenge is to find recipes that can be easily cooked by parents and children together. There are several books written for this purpose, and we would like to mention our favorite 5.

Better Homes and Gardens New Junior CookBook is designed to appeal to children aged 5 to 12. It features 65 recipes, food pictures, and illustrations of characters that tell a story to complement the dish.

Garden Super Hero Tales is designed for children aged 3 to 12. It offers 27 vegan and vegetarian recipes, food pictures, 20 coloring pages, and 10 children’s stories, that have as their main heroes 10 different vegetables. All stories include information about the nutritional and health benefits of the vegetables featured, information equally interesting for parents, as it is for children.

My First Smoothie Recipe Book (Children Can Cook Cookbook) a Kindle book, designed to introduce kids to the joy of cooking. All smoothie recipes are created by kids for kids.

Mom and Me Make Christmas Cookies For Grandma another Kindle book, for children aged 6 to 8. The book highlights the importance of having fun and spending time together cooking Christmas cookies. It includes am easy to follow Christmas Cookie recipe and kitchen safety rules.

ChopChop: The Kids’ Guide to Cooking Real Food with Your Family the book is designed to teach kids to cook wholesome foods, and to create memorable moments cooking with their families. The aim is to inspire a lifetime habit of healthy eating.

The books recommended above are relative new releases, ranging from 2012 to 2014. Of course, there are many other books you can purchase for your children’s cookery books collection. The aforementioned are notable for their different approaches to making healthy eating fun and exciting for kids.

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