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Finding Creative Process in the Organized Mind . . . and Office

2011 March 31
by Contributor

Given the amount of time it takes to truly generate innovative ideas suddenly having to interrupt your genius to do the bills is, at the very least, destructive to the art of creativity. You have suddenly found yourself thrown into the top end of industry instead of collecting a paycheck.

Your ingenious efforts now control the outcome of your company and especially the welfare of those you hired to help you with the creative process. Having your mind suddenly splintered because you have to “clean house” is not a lot of fun. You want the peace of an organized mind so that you can be disorganized in your approach. It’s called creativity and it cannot be planned ahead of time.

Any man or woman reading this who is truly an artist understands exactly what is being spoken here. You’ve been there. Whether you are a musician composing on the violin and keyboards, or a writer exposing your heart to a new audience, you are well aware of the pain that comes when you have to get up and do the dishes, pay the bills or otherwise act within the mundane part of life that keeps you going. Business people are artists too, and unfortunately many of them do not realize the extent that art goes toward making or breaking a business.

If you find yourself buying the equipment for the office yourself, you may need to look up the word “delegate”. It works wonders. When you delegate the job of paying your employees to a payroll system, and delegate the office hardware issues to someone who specializes in that aspect of work, it frees up your mind, your time, and gets those creative juices flowing in the right direction again.

You must allow yourself the freedom to act and move at a monument’s notice if you want any business to thrive, because humans do not move to a predestined clock. The human mind cranks out its best stuff during the most unexpected moments. It’s called Chaos Theory among scientists and it has some pretty big impacts on the real world. Considering that humans both run and act as customers for your business, you have to be ready to jump to a new human rhythm in a flash. (Just take a look at the fashion industry if you don’t believe it.)

And, time is a funny thing. Ever notice that when you are bored to tears the clock stops and when you are having the time of your life, time zips by? There may be more Einstein spooky physics involved than you think. (Einstein literally called some of it “spooky stuff”). The reality is that you are energy at various levels. Even your bones are energy. If you realize this and take it to heart, you begin to realize the potentials you offer to yourself and the business you operate. Dynamics have no end. Dogma is deadly. Energy is definitely not dogmatic.

Consequently, in the business world, you have some choices to face. You can be totally goal oriented with your nose to the grind stone and watch this quickly changing world blast past you, or you can keep yourself organized enough to allow for the chaotic ticking of the creative clock that has a dozen hands moving in all directions.

Organize the things that are, by their very nature, static. Office machine repair contracts and payroll services will do that for you. You are not static. You are dynamic. One is alive with the ability to breath new into old. Which do you intend to be? Business is an art. Get organized to be chaotic, and then start composing.

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  1. May 4, 2011

    This article is very detailed, very good …. looking forward to a better creative!

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