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Explore the Importance of Mobile for Your Blog

2013 April 11
by Contributor

Gone are the days, when a mobile phone was simply used to talk to others and sometimes send text messages to people. During those times, people were simply crazy to use mobile phones. However, with time technology changed a lot and reached an all new level. In this modern era, you will find people using their mobiles to browse the internet, and chat with their friends and family members on various social media websites. In other words, mobile phones are used more for internet browsing rather than talking with others like the good old times.

Experts believe that this sudden change in human behavior and approach, towards mobile phones, has effected various other factors in life. For example, different multinational companies are concentrating more on attracting customers through mobile phones. They are allowing people to purchase different products online using their mobile devices. In short, the various business sectors have dropped the traditional ways of marketing, and adopted this modern trend of letting customers purchase products and services using their mobile phones. It can be safely said that this is just the beginning, and companies are sure to taste greater success through this modern trend in the days to come.

Similar is the case for blogging sites. If you wish to have more and more people get access to your blogs, then you need to concentrate more on making it accessible on mobile devices. Although many people will not agree that blogs should be made available on mobile phones, as well, the truth is that you should always flow with time. If you prefer to stick to the traditional methods, then others will overtake you in a short span of time. The ideal way out is allowing more mobile readers and subscribers to your blog. Here are some advantages you can enjoy by doing so:

  • More visibility: If you are a frequent blogger, then you will need more visibility. This can be achieved by allowing more mobile subscribers and reader to access your blogs and also subscribe to your writings. Greater visibility will result in greater popularity and recognition.
  • More Critics: For a blogger, it is very important for him to get some good critics read his blogs and give their views on his writings. In this modern era, some of the highly acclaimed critics of blogs use their mobile devices to read different blogs and give their views. If you do not allow mobile users to read your blogs, then you may miss out on this opportunity to find out how people react to your writings.
  • Better ideas: Sometimes, for a blogger, it may get tough to find a good topic to write on. Upon closer interaction with your readers, through mobile phones, you can overcome this problem very easily. You will find a number of readers providing you with topics to write on in the future.

According to a current data, in the year 2012 mobile users spent a whopping 63% extra time on their handheld devices to access various websites and doing different online work, such as sending out emails and staying in touch with their near and dear ones. With the market for smartphones increasing at a rapid pace and more and more varieties of such phones coming out in the market, this trend of using mobile phones for browsing the internet is going to increase with time. If you ever get time, use Google Analytics and see for yourself the number of people using their handhelds to read your blogs.

However, in case you still do not find enough facts to change your mind, and make no further changes to enable your site to support smartphones, still your faithful readers can access your blogs on their phones using a web browser. However, they will have to face some difficulties in doing so:

  1. They will have to scroll to the right on a continuous basis, since web browsers do not fit the small screen of a smartphone properly.
  2. The different videos and images, used in your blogs, may not adjust themselves properly on mobile phones.

It is always a good idea to change with time. Many a time, you will hear other bloggers getting bigger number of readers and subscribers to their blogging sites. If you ask them, you will get to know where they are doing well. Most of the answers will be making their blogging sites adjustable to be viewed on smartphones. Do some researches on your own and get to know how it will benefit you, if you bring about this change to your blogging website.

About The Author: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut.

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