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Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Security

2012 July 5
by Contributor

We have been getting a lot of innovations lately from Google in different aspects such as mailing, maps, applications, cloud computing, and much more. In their attempt to develop applications that will cater to enterprises such as the Google Apps for Business, a lot of people were delighted to find out that they can have an online tool that will facilitate their document handling in their business. Until they realized one critical issue about this facility which is, the security.

Businesses, even the small ones or those in the start-up stage, need to have advanced security facilities when it comes to handling their data. They make use of backing up measures, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs to protect their data from harmful attacks. And in using any type of facility that will be used in handling their files and important data, businesses are always skeptic about its security since they have to make sure that their important information won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Google Apps for Business is ISO 27001 Certified

Starting this May, people, especially business owners will no longer have to worry that much with Google Apps for Business’ security due to its ISO 27001 certification that it has just acquired after passing a rigorous certification process and gaining the approval from Ernst and Young CertifyPoint, the ISO Certification body.

What Is This ISO 27001 Certification

The ISO 27001 an internationally recognized certification that recognizes an institution’s ability to comply with international security standards. This certification pertains to the security standard that belongs to the category of Information Security Management System or ISMS.

What Google’s latest ISO 27001 Certification Means

While Google already has strict security measures prior to this certification, they need to get the people and most especially, the business sector to trust their systems. Their ISO 27001 certification will significantly help remove any doubts from anyone who would wish to use the Google Apps for Business but are hesitating due to security issues.

As mentioned previously, Google has just passed a rigorous certification process prior to getting the ISO 27001 certification. This means, Google went through different tests, compliance reviews and audits to prove that their system has enough security measures that will keep the data safe. Aside from passing these procedures to get the approval of the ISO Certification body, Google will have to go through a series of tests and audits on a regular basis to make sure that they maintain the quality of their systems which will make them worthy of the ISO 27001 Certification that has been granted to them.

Final Thoughts

Google has always wanted to cater to the business sector and they have proved that they are serious about this by making an additional security investment in earning the ISO 27001 Certification. For them, having a big name is not enough in gaining the trust of people, most especially businesses who have more need for assurance that their files and important data will be safe from harmful attacks. With this in Google’s mind, people and businesses should expect more independent audits that Google will be very much willing to go through to prove that their security management will always meet the international standards.

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