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Even Your Best Friend Can Be Socially Savvy Now – See Spot Go Social

2012 January 19
by Annie Wallace

Ten years ago, if someone had suggested just how prevalent social media and digital lifestyles would be, you would scarcely have believed them. Now the digital family is as much a reality as the so called nuclear family.

What’s more, it’s not just Mom, Dad, and the kiddies that have joined in. Pets are being integrated into the framework of the social web. Yep, good old Fido even has is own “pet friendly” website, if you can believe that.

The infographic below,  from eBay Classifieds, shows some ways in which you can help your “best friend” adapt, and become a socially savvy pet.

Brought to you by Dogs for sale

There you have it, dogs and cats with pals on Facebook, Twitter, and across the social web. The only question now is, “is Spot living up to his social responsibilities online?” If you get an answer from him, record it on YouTube without fail. That’s a recipe for a viral video.

cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo shared by monicaewagner

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