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eCommerce SEO Last Minute Tips for the Upcoming Holidays

2012 December 18
by Contributor

As the holidays approach, many people are shopping with renewed vigor. They want to give the best presents, decorate the tree with style and prepare the tastiest meal for their family. Of course, as an online retailer, you want to take advantage of this, and you may even have a campaign in the works. If you’re late to the game, you can still take advantage of the SEO boost that the holidays bring with these tips.
Recently, one eCommerce website hired me to perform internet marketing campaign for them, targeting people who are looking for discounts in upcoming holidays. Here are the tips based on my own experience.

Gift Guides

Create one gift guides to prepare for the holiday season. Your business might focus on a specific type of item, such as videos, which means you can focus on new releases and popular games. If you have a wider range of products, you can create guide that cater to gender, age or interests, allowing the visitor to purchase gifts for everyone on her list from a single store. Either way, gift guides let you create links to deep content from your store’s index page. Plus, gift guides encourage actually sales rather than just browsing.

Product Descriptions

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you use the manufacturer descriptions. Gain SEO power by rewriting those descriptions and set your store apart from the competition. As you’re rewriting copy on product and category pages, take the time to work in keywords such as “great gift for kids.” Shoppers who are unsure what to buy the people on their lists will be searching for similar terms, so use it to your advantage.

Product Reviews

Savvy shoppers want to know that they’re getting their money’s worth, which is one reason that reviews on websites like Amazon are so helpful. Product reviews also serve unique content for search engines to index. However, off-site reviews also offer benefits to retailers like yourself. If you can encourage bloggers and site owners to review products, you can build your company’s reputation and increase backlinks. Bloggers often write reviews in exchange for products, samples or fees. Figure out what’s in your budget and reach out to the trusted authorities in your niche.

Promote Deals

Chances are, you’re providing consumers with some awesome holiday deals. Don’t just advertise it on product pages, however. Updates metadata such as page keywords, titles and descriptions to include sale and promotion information. When this information appears in search engine results, shoppers will take notice and visit your website rather than that of the competitors.

Update Your Sitemap

If you’re changing metadata, adding links, creating gift guides and refreshing content, you definitely want search engines to know about it. Create or update your sitemap and submit it to search engines. You can easily do this from within the dashboard of Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Contact Previous Consumers

The holidays are a great time to contact people who have already made purchases from your website. Offer them a discount or coupon code to encourage holiday shopping from your site.

Write Guest Posts

Your refresh holiday content and new gift guides are great content for guest posts that you can submit to high-profile blogs. A return link to your website is the perfect way to get new clicks, and it also helps you increase the SEO power of your own website.

Of course, if you’re simply too far behind to make all these changes, you can purchase relevant links with AdWords.

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Ben Sawyer is an Internet Marketing strategist, currently working as a content contributor for , ecommerce website, helping them to improve their online presence. Here are few useful tips Ben shared with us.

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  1. January 22, 2013

    I’d have to say that this article is very well-made. I can use your suggestions even when the holidays are over. Truly, one must always have the user in mind – what does he need and want?

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