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Building A Business At Home

2011 February 10
by Contributor

As the Internet proliferates so does the amount of people that can run a successful business from their home. Even though you are working at home, you still have an obligation to do everything you can to ensure you have a successful and profitable business. Countless hours will be needed to drive your business forward and if you don’t do this you will ultimately fail.

Every business owner, whether of a home based business or a formal set up, would like to be proud of what he has created, knowing that his efforts and hard work, has put and roof over his family is something every business owner should be proud of. With that said here are some great tips on you can build and run your own successful business while you work from home.

Tips to Build A Home Business that will make you Proud

1. Follow your instinct and start something you enjoy and follow it through- If a home business is linked to something you are passionate about, chances are that you will give it everything since it is something you feel strongly about. Also it is neither bring nor tedious and time seems to fly with no element of boredom or monotony seeping in.

2. Seriously pursue what you start- In some instances, home businesses lack seriousness and many people start a venture, but without pursuing it seriously, feel it is not moving ahead. This must be avoided and the home business can be made to do well with commitment and seriousness to take it ahead against all odds. Lack of seriousness is bound to reflect in the results.

3. Spread the word around- Businesses meet with success only if they are popularized either through advertising or by word of mouth. Therefore do not miss any opportunity of letting people know about your business.

4. Gain expertise in your field- The success of a business also depends on the level of expertise you have in that field. If your knowledge is not up to the mark, spend time reading up, even enroll for a refresher course to have the advantage of being an authority in that sphere. This will help the business and gain a lot of respect for you.

5. Keep expenses low- Expenses can grow if a tight rein is not kept on them. A home business will flourish if expenses are minimized and the profits ploughed back for expansion. With all the needs of a business it is easy to splurge on all the latest gadgets and devices, but they must be invested in, only if they are required and will be optimally used.

6. Do not undercharge- There is often a belief that home businesses are different and low key, and therefore home business owners feel they must charge less. There is no justification for this. When the same quality of products and services are being provided, there is no reason why the charges should be different. So do not hesitate to command the market price for what you sell.

7. Preserving Cash Flows- For every business the first year is the toughest and this is also the time when a strict control has to be kept on cash flows. This is because there are no reserves from previous years’ profits to fall back on and initial investments have yet to bear fruit. This will mean keeping track of outflows and limiting what is purchased even if it is office equipment. Let the business flourish and then make such purchases.

8. Keep a day job initially- The best way to start a home business is to continue with your current job and initiate the home business, devoting your evenings and holidays to it. Wait till it picks up somewhat, and when you feel it is beginning to show results, then quit your job and start working full time for your home business. This will hold you in good stead during the gestation period of your business.

9. Learn the art of keeping customers happy- All businesses survive if customers are happy. Customers seek personalized treatment, excellent customer service, and value for their money. All these are fairly easy to provide as a business owner. If every customer of your business feels special, he will never buy from your competitor.

10. Referrals from existing customers- Once customers have been appeased and made to feel they are highly valued, they will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and peers. This will help the business grow at an unprecedented pace. If customers do not think of providing referrals, there is no harm in asking them.

This is a guest post by Neil Jones, the head of marketing for eMobileScan one of the UK’s leading Handheld Computer experts, offering one of the largest range of handhelds including the Symbol MC70

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  1. February 25, 2011

    Another tip is to have a mental divide between “home” and “work”. Sometimes its as simple as closing the door and turning on the answering machine to your home land line (if you still have a land line).

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