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Blogging and Writer’s Block

2011 March 1
by Contributor

Can’t think of what to write? Join the club. Loads of blogger / authors have been in exactly the same position, a symptom known as ‘writer’s block’. Writers block stops the author being able to create any new content, it’s more common than you might think to draw a complete blank and happens to authors of all abilities regardless of their experience, and writer’s block hit me just the other day and is what has drawn me to write about this issue today.

I was writing an article merrily about trade shows and there benefit to small businesses a topic I have lots of experience in – therefore it should not have caused an issue. All of a sudden I had a period where nothing was flowing. I managed to get back on track after a short period with an absence of creativity.

There are a couple tips I can recommend investigating further which have helped me to overcome this annoying issue, get you back to productivity and help squeeze some creativity out.

Have a short break

Sitting at a desk just worrying about your blog or article is not going to get you anywhere, take a break, change your environment and give yourself time to think away from the glare of your monitor. It’s amazing how much this helps to clear your head and help you to focus properly on the task in hand.


While you are taking a short break have a short walk, exercise your body. Exercise will help the blood flow around your body and get you feeling more inspired.

Intimidating Subjects

Many writers suffer writers block because they are writing about a subject which is intimidating, in this instance I recommend along with a lot of research into the area, start with a wider net, as you gain experience you can be more specific.

Come back later

The beauty of blogging is that you can move away from one article or thread and start another; I regularly move to other subjects and come back to the subject of difficulty.

Everyone has their own method of dealing with creativity problems, some authors might find that they are having writers block or similar creativity blocking symptoms which are deeper than my own experience. From what I had researched medical conditions and depression have been linked to creative blocks. Rap artist Eminem (Aka Marshall B Mathers), author Julia Cameron amongst others are known celebrities who have reported having creative blocks, you are not alone.

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  1. April 21, 2011

    For casual bloggers, I think the dilemma is looking for new and interesting topics that would be better than their last one. As for those “marketing” bloggers, I think the dilemma is writing new content for the same topic over and over and over again.

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