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Blogging and Copywriting Inspired by Pop Icons

2012 March 27
by Contributor

After reading a recent blog titled “5 thing Bloggers can Learn From Lady Gaga”, it got me thinking. There are a few similarities between Lady Gaga, copywriting and the iconic Queen of grunge Courtney Love. Both are feisty and they both are hungry for attention. There are far many more differences but I think that there are some traits that Courtney has that can be adopted to make you successful at blogging and copywriting.

Be Inspired – By Yourself

  • You can become highly sought after, even renowned despite a rough childhood: Courtney has had a turbulent childhood. She was ‘raised’ by her parents who were roadies for the Grateful Dead, and she spent most of her childhood on hippy communes. Then she was passed around foster homes like an unwanted present for most of her childhood and her early adolescence. There is no doubt that Courtney has lots of stories to tell from her early experiences and her anger from being rejected time and time again only fuelled her drive to become ‘somebody’. As a copywriter who uses their own unique experiences to augment an article, much in the same way that songwriters’ lyrical content is inspired by happenings in their lives.

Quoting Courtney for Good Copy

All you have to do is look at any of the infamous quotes online from Courtney Love to understand where I’m coming from here:

  • It’s ok to be outspoken and honest. Courtney has caused a stir in the media with her caustic comments and her wild stories. Some of you love to love Love, and others love to hate Love. But there aren’t that many people indifferent to her presence. Whether you’re fuelled by interest for someone you respect, or anger burns in your stomach, you’ve got to admit she is newsworthy and articles / interviews about her are never boring. Copywriters should not be afraid to speak their mind even if it causes controversy. It will make people read your content!
  • Diversity keeps you interesting: Courtney started her career in the late 80s as the feisty front woman in the alternative ‘Riot Grrrl’ band Hole; cavorting the kinderwhore fashion of ripped baby doll dresses and knee-high socks. In subsequent years, Courtney became more interested in Hollywood, and this reflected in her interest in starring in movies, her musical direction and her fashion-sense. To offer copywriting services on a wide range of subjects, there needs to be a diverse pool of copywriting talent to dip into.
  • People hungry for inspiration never starve: Courtney has admitted that she loves learning things from other musicians and she is a sponge for knowledge. If you’re actively looking for inspiration, you will find it!
  • It’s healthy to be egotistical: Courtney is a self-confessed arrogant egotist and that can only be respected in terms of knowing what you’re good, no fabulous at and letting the world know it. Having self-confidence and being aware of your strengths is beneficial to you as a person. If you ooze conviction about your stamp on the world then you’re untouchable. If you are riddled with self-doubt, you’re less-likely to achieve. However, go easy on egotist attribute as you could come across as a bit of a Richard-head. Especially if you’re not urinating on anyone else’s fire.

No matter where you get your inspiration from, all you need is the spark to write an interesting piece. Even if that spark comes from a hell raising pop diva! Back you’re writing up with research and before you know it, you have a gripping article that people will stay on your site or blog for.

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