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Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

2013 June 13
by Contributor

There are any of a number of reasons why someone has a WordPress blog.  Among the most popular is that they use them as affiliate sites. Fortunately, WordPress has a multitude of plugins for any type of blog you can think of.  In this article we will present you with some of which we consider the best of the best in terms of affiliate plugins.

First we begin with a plugin called WP Auto Affiliate Links.  This is a great plugin that gives the user plenty of options when it comes to implementing its features.  What it does is give the affiliate blog owner an interface so they can add affiliate links and further, associate them with certain keywords.  There is an admin page where the blog owner can manage all of their affiliate related links.  They can even specify more than just one keyword for them as well.

This next one is a biggie and is considered a must have by many WordPress affiliate blog owners.  It is very fittingly called CBPRESS.  This plugin allows the user to utilize the full strength of the enormous ClickBank marketplace.  There is literally nothing you can’t do ClickBank related with this awesome plugin.  To describe it in its entirety would take a whole article unto itself.  Suffice it to say that if you are an affiliate site owner, you need this plugin.

Another one that allows a WordPress affiliate site owner to utilize a massive marketplace is the Amazon Product In a Post Plugin.  As with the previous plugin which features ClickBank, this one – as its title states – allows the affiliate to harness the entire Amazon marketplace.  This plugin can be used by adding Amazon products to any post or page.  It allows the option of only adding products that are related to the affiliate blog.  Consider this plugin as a must have.

If you are making several WordPress partner sites, you might find you invest a considerable measure of time tweaking your topic and settings with every introductory set up. Imagine a scenario where you could get your WordPress set up done and then make a copy of it every time you needed to make another partner site. This is truly simple to do with the free Duplicator plugin. With this great plugin you will be able to move sites from one host to another making a back up copy of your sites.

And finally we have the widely used Pretty Link plugin.  This comes in both a Lite and Pro version.  Pretty Link allows you to do just about anything you wish with an affiliate link URL, both on and off your WordPress based website.  You can use any variation you can think of as an add-on at the end of your site’s name.  Not only that, but the Pretty Link plugin has a wide of array of tracking features too.

There are some good WordPress affiliate related plugins out there, but the previously mentioned ones are truly ones that you need to seriously consider utilizing.

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