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An Essential Tool For Every Freelancer

2013 February 26
by Contributor

The age of the internet has radically changed the freelance market. No longer restricted to working in their local city or even country, freelancers can trawl through job pages and dozens of message boards in search of their next project.

A freelancer living in London could land her next gig for a company in Denver from the comfort of her living room. As long as language is not a barrier, then freelance operators are just that, free. The freedom to do business with clients all over the world was not however, always possible or this easy. With the advent of online banking and independent banking companies offering a range of products, it’s never been so easy for freelancers to trade on an international scale.

Transferring money through an online account is undoubtedly the safest and fastest method when working with clients in far off places. It usually takes no more than a few minutes for the transaction to be processed and it can all be done from a computer. There is no risk of lost cheques in the mail or having to wonder down to your local branch to pick up the money transfer. As long as you’ve agreed on the terms and the currency, you will find an online banking product to suit your needs.

Online banking: the ultimate tool

Using Online BankingTo make the world your market, and bring the world to you, the first thing a freelancer should do is open a bank account online. Whether you transfer funds from an existing account or get paid directly to your online account, moving and organising your earnings and expenses is a simple affair.

For those wishing to explore the world and seek out opportunities in person, online banking makes earning as you travel so much easier. ATMs and internet access is everywhere, even the remotest towns have internet cafés and a local bank. This allows today’s freelancers to pack a rucksack, get on a plane and take their career on the road. Known as nomads, these remote workers often spend years without a fixed abode with little damage to their business.

Without a fixed address, receiving payment for freelancers can be a hassle. Banking with no fixed address is simply not possible and in the past, payment was deferred or slow from clients who can’t or won’t post cheques. Finally, dealing with foreign banks and processes is never easy and so having a flexible online bank account essential to life on the road.

How it works

Online banking services that offer an easy and secure way to access and deposit your earnings. On sign up, you’ll receive your pre-paid debit card, usable at any ATM displaying the Visa symbol.

A pre-paid debit card is a great money management tool as you can easily control how much money is on your card at any time. Simply keep enough money for a week on your card and you’ll begin to avoid impulse buying.

The card can be used in major retailers and online. You can pay for web hosting, software and the rest of your business needs all from one card. The standing orders option lets you make regular payments. The money will automatically be deducted from your account each month, saving you valuable time to focus on your next freelance gig.

Easily check your balance and statements online, by phone and via mobile. Ensuring you can access your account whether at home, meeting with a client or living a nomad lifestyle.

Freedom and flexibility

Setting up an account is easy and available to everyone because there are no credit checks. All you need is a valid ID and proof of address. The fee structure is simple and easy to understand. There is a monthly fee of £12.50 and 50p transaction fee for using an ATM.

With an online account, you can begin to propel your freelance business forward. You can easily deposit cash or cheques at any post office or payment point. If you are working on a telecommute gig or travelling the world, funds can be directly transferred into your account via internet banking.

An online account is really an essential business tool for today’s freelancers; easy to use, secure banking services available with a few clicks of a mouse.

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By William Masters – Reporting from London, William Masters works as a journalist for topics of international economics and personal finance. William follows eccount money, a provider of guaranteed bank accounts and other financial services.

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