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Agile Marketing Is Perfect On Twitter

2013 September 12

twitter marketingTwitter gives businesses a unique marketing advantage compared to other social media platforms. Internet marketers who know what they are doing loves the agility that Twitter provides. I’m pertaining to the unique culture that only Twitter currently has. You see with Twitter, businesses can post multiple posts in a day without experiencing too many negative responses to it. It’s the norm in that exceptional community. Try doing that on Facebook and you will lose your fans or followers faster than you can delete your posts.

However, not all is able to take advantage of this wonderful culture. It requires a certain creativity because being to blunt and spontaneous without direction doesn’t do brands any good. Because you should know that branding and advertising go side by side. Hence, to make your posts fit your brand and still retain that agility we are talking about, you need to have plan.

Below are some of the best responses we got from the most influential Twitter marketers on how to proceed with this planning.

Plan for Specific Moments

I know it’s impossible to try and foresee events that hasn’t materialized yet. Nevertheless, what you can do is to tailor tweets that go well with events that will surely occur in the near future. I’m talking about planning for events that are bound to happen like upcoming movies, Hollywood gossip, etc.… Doing this allows you tweet really quick responses to popular events. People simply wouldn’t know that you’ve already made it witty and consistent with your branding; and that you’re just waiting for the right day to arrive. Other than people thinking that you’re impressive, they would surely think of it as worthy of a follow.

Create A Content Calendar

Every large company I know has this. Small businesses on the other hand are more tedious to adopt. This tip is in connection with the first point. What you want to do is to create a content way in advance for events that would obviously take place along the year. Celebrations like Christmas, Labor Day, black Friday and most of the holidays should be on that calendar. You should already be thinking about the perfect tweets that should generate more followers hopping into your company on those dates. What’s best about it is that since some of the events are far into the future that you have plenty of time to keep perfecting them.

Review What Your Competitors Have Been Up To

In this case, it is likewise true that experience is the best teacher. It’s best if you’ll look at some of the most popular tweets that went around during special days of the year. Most likely, you’ll find the best ones from your competitors since you’re in the same niche. Their tweets will automatically apply to your business. However, you also have to be mindful not to copy the tweet so closely. There are lot of meticulous eyes on Twitter.

Stay alert!

All that planning will go down the drain if you’re not quick enough. Remember that no matter how witty your tweets are, they wouldn’t do much difference if you are late on the scene. It will only get burrowed in the millions of tweets users do each day. It’s one of the most important lessons I’ve learned while working with the Power Lead System.

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Norman E. Hurst works for one of the top tech company in the US as a social media manager. His job is to think of tweets all day.

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