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7 Ways to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning Ideas

2012 February 28
by Contributor

Pinterest is a great site to get visual inspiration when planning your wedding. It is also a useful tool to organize your wedding ideas into categories so that you don’t have to sort through all the pins to find the picture of a cake you love. Here are seven tips to help you plan your wedding using Pinterest.


One of the best things about Pinterest is the ability to easily share pictures with the people you love. It is much easier to pin a few pictures of bridesmaid dresses that you love and ask your bridesmaids for input than to email them each a link to the site or try to describe the dress without a picture. The sharing aspect is also very helpful if the people who are helping you plan the wedding live far away and are unable to go shopping with you.

Narrow Categories

When you’re pinning ideas for your wedding, it is likely that you will love many different pictures and want to keep them for inspiration. Sorting through the pictures can become overwhelming if you only have one pinboard titled wedding stuff. It is much better to have separate boards for table settings, hair and makeup, cakes, dresses and other specific categories.

DIY Ideas

Another wonderful aspect of Pinterest is the availability of items that you can make yourself. Many people are too busy to make many of the items for their wedding by hand, but having a collection of ideas for projects may inspire you to create your own table settings or invitations. This personal touch is likely to be appreciated by guests and remembered for years to come.

Follow Experts

Many popular wedding experts use Pinterest to share their ideas. Women who are planning their wedding themselves may want to look to the experts for ideas on current trends in the wedding industry. Even if your wedding will not be traditional or trendy, it is fun to look at what the experts are saying or doing to find ideas that appeal to you and will fit into your wedding plan.

Search Function

Pinterest has a fantastic search function that allows members to search for pins that feature almost any word. It is a good idea to be very specific when you’re using the search function. A search for wedding cakes is likely to bring you thousands of results, but searching for lime green wedding cake will probably bring much fewer results.

Use the ‘Pin It’ Button

Everyone who joins Pinterest will be prompted to download the ‘pin it’ button. This button allows users to pin any picture they find on the Internet to their Pinterest boards. There are thousands of wedding ideas already pinned on Pinterest, but this button is great for pinning other websites that you have found inspiration and ideas on. Keeping all of your ideas in one place is the best way to always be able to find the ones you need.

Download the App

Users of the iPhone can download the Pinterest app so that they can easily access their pin boards no matter where they are. It may be difficult to describe the exact style of wedding dress you are looking for, but showing the dressmaker a picture of exactly the dress you want should make it much easier for them to meet your expectations. It is also great to have the app available when you’re meeting with the florist and caterer. These vendors may have a difficult time discerning exactly what you want unless you have pictures of the finished products to show them.

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  1. March 1, 2012

    Just recently I joined Pinterest and I always look for DIY ideas. We transfer in to new house
    and I search for different ideas to decorate our house. Pinterest is the best place for DIY.

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