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7 Tips For Self-Taught Internet Entrepreneurs

2013 January 30
by Contributor

Self-taught entrepreneur Ben Weissenstein began his business as a teenager after helping his mom with their family’s garage sale. Today, in his early 20s, this young adult is the Founder and CEO of Grand Slam Garage Sales as well as three other successful ventures.

When it comes to getting started, Weissenstein doesn’t believe lack of knowledge should hold anyone back. The young entrepreneur offers the advice, “Everything started as nothing.” He believes that combining the right strategy with a winning team can bring success to just about any business.

People hoping to get hired by a business in today’s economy have to work harder than ever before just to get a job. That is because the number of businesses who are hiring seem fewer and farther between every day.

In fact, according to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2010 there are almost 50,000 more business establishments that shut down than the amount that opened their doors for the first time. ( Needless to say, getting started isn’t easy.

Appealing Benefits

One of the most appealing benefits to being a self-taught internet entrepreneur is all the convenience it offers. First of all, you can work from wherever you are so long as you have your laptop and other basic necessities.

Next there is no need to travel to attend conferences or classes. Even getting something like a VMware vSphere certification is done online meaning you get the benefit of a quality curriculum right from the developers, not second-rate resellers.

And finally, because you are working from wherever is convenient for you – be it at home or at your local coffee house that offers free WiFi, aside from the startup financial investment and fees for training to keep your skills updated, the primary cost is in the form of hard work on your part.

Quality over Quantity

Regardless of your niche or skills, always give your clients your best quality of work, and charge appropriately. People are willing to pay for quality work, and charging too little could send the wrong message.

The best way to give your clients quality work is to work in a proper environment. Stay organized, avoid distractions, and create a business strategy that involves prioritizing goals. This will all help you to stay focused and put your best work forward.

Advantages and Tips

Once you decide on a niche, and it really does not matter what business you dive into because there is a broad range of internet-related entrepreneurships, every step you take will be a step on the path to success. Here are some tips to help get you started.

  1. Choose something that interests you. If you still hate what you do, then you might as well go into the office to work for someone else all day. Do what you love, and it will feel less like work.
  2. Make goals part of your start-up strategy. Whether you are a freelance writer, internet marketer, blogger, web designer, or some other type of internet entrepreneur, goals are important because they keep you motivated.
  3. Never stop learning. Learning is an investment. Online classes like VMware vSphere 5 Training are essential to a self-taught entrepreneurship because in addition to the useful content and lessons they provide, they offer staff with real world experience and a dynamic online curriculum for a great value.
  4. Get organized. Whether your office is in the guest bedroom or limited to the information stored in a cloud drive shared by your laptop, smartphone, and iPad, keeping your work organized will help your thoughts stay organized as well.
  5. Create and a superstar website. If you plan to work online, a website is the best way for people to find you. Compelling content tempered with eye-catching graphics that complement the overall atmosphere of your site will hold the interest of visitors.
  6. Maintain your website. Just because you created a site does not mean you are finished. Add content that uses SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to help your site show up higher in the list of Google searches. If you aren’t up for writing your own content, outsource it.
  7. Get sound tax advice. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of a fiscal year and receiving the horrible shock that a large chunk of your profits should have been held out for taxes. Know what you should save out for taxes and when to pay the fees throughout the year to avoid penalties later.

One advantage of being a self-taught entrepreneur is that nobody can put a limit on how much you learn. And in a digital world that relies on technology to survive, the internet is the place to go to learn anything and everything about entrepreneurship.

Canadian freelancer Rick Mercado is a successful writer and also dabbles in online marketing. When it comes to expanding his e-learning, he looks no farther than which has the latest reviews and how-to guides. When he isn’t working Rick is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys exploring Canada’s rugged eastern coastline. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include hiking and kayaking, but his real dream is to pilot a helicopter.

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    Hi Rick,

    These are some great tips thanks for sharing. I especially love the part about Quality over Quantity – good read my friend.

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