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6 Small Business Marketing Resources To Improve Your Business

2013 July 16
by Contributor

small business marketingSmall businesses are what keeps a nation running. They create about two thirds of the jobs yearly. However, most of them have gone through a lot of trials because of the recession. Despite this, there are those that have managed to survive the difficult times. They achieved this feat through a combination of sound business practices such as proper management of expenses, supporting their base of customers and continuing to offer services and products that are still considered valuable.

Today it is harder to operate a business than it was 5 years ago and the economy is usually the principal grounds of challenge. Making more use of the marketing tools and resources to develop their businesses. These resources have helped them keep up with the upcoming technologies. There are different marketing resources that are indispensable in the growth of the business and below are just a few examples:

Business 2 Community

This is a resource that is open where the small business owners and other professionals can connect with the clients that consume their services or products. The small business marketing team can use this to identify the landscape of the business based on the trends and the industry news.

The Social Media Examiner

This helps the small businesses with the best ways they can use the social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook so as to enhance the awareness of their brands. This normally results in increased sales.

The social media can be worthwhile or can be an investment that brings you no profit depending on the way one uses it.

No matter how one is enamored with social media, the email still remains the most cost effective way and there are several resources that will offer learning centers, training and assistance, social campaigns, online surveys, event marketing and email marketing. When you make use of the different professionals and marketing tools and strategies, the small business will grow exponentially.

Marketing Profs

Here one will find practical advice that can be used. This is usually gathered from marketers and experts who possess the know how of growing businesses. A small business can establish its brand in many different ways, but the most important factor is to keep engaging with the clients.

Live Plans

A sustainable business can be sustained by having a plan that includes financial forecasts and marketing strategies. The Live Plan will make it easy for you to create a design that is professional which will help in impressing the guests

The new advertising and media demands require that services and brands look for better ways to push the consumer engagement

This will help you to create maps where you can easily copy and paste from Excel. After this your work is made easier and you can be able to share it your customers and team.


It will help you merge all the contacts, conversations in the social media to help you build deeper relationships. In this way the marketing strategies will be more effective.


This is an important small business marketing resource that is able to combine e- commerce, email marketing and CRM.

Today’s technology has simplified the way things are managed such that marketing has become more effortless and easy.

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