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6 Real Estate Companies on Twitter

2012 September 11
by Ann Smarty

As the entire world moves to take advantage of social media networks like Twitter, a few industries are standing out in particular for their innovative approach and headlong efforts with social media and real estate is most definitely one of them. From sharing listings to chatting with home sellers and buyers directly, the real estate market has been one of the most positively affected by the power of Twitter.

Care to find real estate companies that are able to entice potential clients with messages of 140 characters or less? Here are six real estate companies and agents on Twitter:

1. National Association of REALTORS @REALTORS

National Association of REALTORS @REALTORS

The first stop for both real estate agents looking for professional information and home buyers and sellers looking for an agent in the United States is often the National Association of REALTORS. While they offer all of the contact possibilities that one would expect, they also offer a fantastic Twitter feed that provides news items, advice and works to chat one-on-one with people from around the world.

2. Home Experts Realty @HomeExpRealty

Boasting a following of nearly 100,000 users is the official Twitter account of Home Experts Realty, a firm that provides realty services ranging from agents to advise. This Twitter feed offers a great dose of all things realty, providing links to excellent articles based on the niche while helping everyone to keep track of the ups and downs of the real estate industry as a whole.

While the account’s activity has slowed down for summer, it seems that things are picking up as the folks at Home Experts Realty get back into the autumn swing of things.

3. Real Estate Social @erealestate_

Real Estate Social @erealestate_

Real Estate Social is a Twitter account representing popular realty social networking site eRealEstate, a platform that brings together real estate professionals including agents, brokers, lenders, title agents and those in the home improvement industry. Given its broad umbrella, this Twitter account promises to provide several daily doses of useful links and information, making the experience of anyone who uses eRealEstate that much more rich in the process.

4. No Bull Real Estate @NoBullBroker

No Bull Real Estate @NoBullBroker

This Twitter account, belonging to a Realtor representing properties in the city of Newcastle in Australia, is a wonderful resource for real estate professionals and enthusiasts down under, providing a look at some very high-end homes for sale while keeping tabs on the real estate landscape in Australia with timely news pieces and information updates.

If you like your real estate news and views without sugarcoating or empty promises, No Bull Real Estate is the Twitter destination for you.

5. Talk To Tucker @talktotucker

Talk To Tucker @talktotucker

Tweeting local news and actively interacting with customers, that’s a great example of social media engagement done right.

6. Remax on Twitter

Serving locations throughout North America, real estate firm Remax offers an array of Twitter accounts, each aimed at particular locales in order to keep their offerings organized. With upwards of 100 active accounts, agents and other professionals are able to access news and tips while home buyers and sellers can connect with agents and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the market.

7. Century 21 @Century21

Representing the largest real estate sales team in the world, Century 21 is a well-known giant in the industry and their excellent Twitter feed reflects this. Allowing their focus to drift equally among all aspects of real estate, you can expect to find everything from tips for agents to ideas for interior designers here, making it a true one-stop-shop for real estate on Twitter.

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