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5 Tips to Advertise Your Service on Your Blog Effectively

2012 April 19
by Contributor

Whether you are a web designer, programmer, article writer, or other service provider, you can always advertise your service with your blog. This is an effective way of promoting your service because by having your own blog, you are establishing yourself as professional service provider. Here are 5 tips to advertise your service on your blog effectively:

1. Create a “Hire Me” page

This is a page that you must create in order to attract clients for your service. If you don’t create this page, people won’t know whether you are providing any service or not. In your “Hire Me” page, the information that you should provide includes your name, your expertise, your past works, and your sample works. You can also include pricing if you want fixed price for your service, but you can always negotiate the price with your clients later. Make your “Hire Me” page as professional as possible.

2. Post good content related with your service

If you are a website designer, be sure to create good content related with website design and post it regularly to your blog. You want people to know that you are an expert or at least have good experience with website design. So, by writing content related with your service, you are adding more trust to your service. People will be more attracted to hire you if you can show them that you know about your stuff.

3. Showcase your sample works

Sample works is important to persuade potential clients to consider you as their partner. It is better for you to create separate page to show your sample works to your potential clients. You can also give your potential clients free sample for your service. This will be better for you. With sample works, your potential clients will see the quality of your work and make proper decision.

4. Display testimonials in your sidebar

It is better for you to display testimonials from your past clients in your blog sidebar to motivate other people to use your service. This is something that most service providers don’t do. Testimonials will make your service more interesting. So, don’t forget to put your clients’ testimonials in your blog. The sidebar area in your blog is the best place for your testimonials because it is an area that people usually see. In this case, you are exposing the “goodness” of your service in proper place.

5. Build mailing list

Do not let your past clients disappear from your business. That’s why you need to create mailing for your service. Create two separate mailing lists. First, you will create mailing list for people who are interested with your service. Second, you will create mailing list for your clients. For the first mailing list, you can send relevant content as well as discounts and special deals. For the second mailing list, you can remind your past clients to re-use your service again or offer them a discount for the next use of your service.

Those are 5 tips that you can follow to advertise your service on your blog effectively. If you have a service that you would like to offer to your audience, the best way to advertise it is to build a blog. Then, you will advertise your service on your blog. You can follow the tips above to effectively attract your clients.

Denis Bitson is a freelance writer that likes to cover everything related to internet marketing. He also contributes to where you will be able to compare various insurance policies.

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