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5 Tips For Quickly Generating Blog Topic Ideas

2014 March 5
by Contributor

great-ideaComing up with blog post ideas for your company can be a major time sink. Sometimes when you need to write some blog posts in order to keep your content marketing campaign on track the inspiration just doesn’t come, leaving you staring at a blank Word document.

What usually works better than just coming up with topics on the fly however is setting aside an hour, preferably together with people on your marketing team, to brainstorm a bunch of topics for the coming weeks and even months.

You’d be surprised at how many ideas you can come up with in just an hour. Here are a few tips to help you quickly generate a serious amount of blog topic ideas.

Start With Just One Good Topic

Key is to start small, with just one good, broad topic that would make for some great content for your upcoming blog posts. Usually it should be relatively easy to come up with one topic, but if you are struggling, there are some ways you can easily find inspiration. Your customers for example can provide you with some great blog topics through questions they are asking you. Have a look through questions they’ve recently sent you, either via emails, social media or in blog comments, and see if you can provide an answer to their questions in a blog post.

Narrow Down

Next, you need to try and take your first topic and narrow down the topic area to come up with some more specific topics. For example if your first broad topic is: “Must Have Apps for Your iPhone” you can narrow this down to “Must Have Productivity Apps For Your iPhone” or “Must Have Time Tracking Apps for Your iPhone”, etc. Often you’ll be able to narrow down into dozens of different topics if you just keep changing up the topic slightly.

Play With The Timeframe

Generate time-specific blog topics from a broad topic. If you have a broad topic such as “Ultimate SEO Guide For SMEs” you can generate more time-specific topics from this such as “Latest SEO Trends For SMEs”, “2014 Predictions For Small Business SEO”, “This Week’s Most Interesting SEO Developments That Can Impact Your SME”, etc.

Target a Different Audience

If your business has a wide audience you can write articles targeting different parts of your audience. Say you’re starting from the topic “Essential Social Media Tools For Small Business Owners”, you can change this into “Essential Social Media Tools For Online Marketers”. These could potentially be very different articles about the same general topic.

Don’t Be Afraid to Scrap

Once you’ve gone through this process you’ll likely have a great number of blog topics, not all of them interesting or relevant for your audience. Go through the entire list of topics at the end of your brainstorming session and scrap all the topics that you don’t think would make a good post for your blog.

There you go, you should now have a substantial number of blog ideas so it’s time to start churning out those great articles and posting them onto your blog.

Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO Specialist at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design company. Zane thinks that writing timely content is an easy way to brainstorm.

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