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5 Simple Techniques To Increase Your Engagement Levels On Twitter

2013 June 1
by Contributor

There is more noise on Twitter these days and it’s harder for people to stand out. I’ve shown them a few easy ways they can increase their engagement levels in order to improve their business.

Twitter is becoming more popular than ever, but if you use it for business purposes you’ve probably realized that it’s not nearly as effective as it used to be. In the past you could send out a tweet and an avalanche of traffic would land on your website.

There is too much noise out there at the moment and only the strong will survive. That means you need to learn how to use Twitter effectively because most people don’t at the moment. We’re going to look at the 5 main things you should keep in mind if you want to increase your engagement levels.

Don’t recommend crap

If you start recommending crap you will train your followers to ignore you. They will know you’ve tweeted something because they can see your photo in their feed, but they won’t even look at what you’ve tweeted because they will know it’s worthless. A lot of people want to impress an online celebrity so they tweet everything the person publishes on their blog. Stick to your principles and don’t do it if what they publish is a lot of crap.

You have to say something

Another mistake some people make is to tweet something random like the headline of an article. They might even retweet an article someone else has tweeted about. You can’t do that because you won’t get a lot of people clicking through. You have to say something about the article and people will know that you’ve actually read it. Even if you don’t agree with the article you can tell people to read it because it’s something they will be passionate about.

Don’t start with an @ symbol

If you start a tweet with the @ symbol it means nobody will get to read it. The only person that will see it is the person you sent the tweet to plus anyone who is following both of you. You want as many people as possible to see any tweet you put out, especially if you’re corresponding with someone popular because it will make you look better. I know that is a little cheesy, but at the end of the day you should only care about building your business.

Schedule your tweets

You will have followers from all over the world, so you should spread the love and send out tweets for them too. You also want to spread your tweets out instead of sending them to everyone at the same time. There are lots of special apps you can use that will let you schedule your tweets and it means you can send them out at the times when you think you will get the most clickthroughs. You will definitely be left wondering why you’ve not scheduled your tweets before now.

Would you click on it?

If you write a headline its sole purpose is to get people to click on it. You can’t sell anything with a few words, but you can tempt people into reading the rest of your article or sales page. You need to think of each tweet you send out as a headline. It must make people click on it otherwise fewer people will land on your website and you will sell fewer products. If a specific tweet will lead someone to an important page on your site you should spend more than 2 minutes thinking about what to write.

What will you tweet about next?

Go and look at your last few tweets and work out where you went wrong. Be honest with yourself because it’s your business on the line. The next time you send out a tweet I want you to think long and hard about the words you will use. Let us know the results when you come back.

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Today’s guest author, Mark Specter, is a PHP developer at eMarket Lite, an internet marketing solutions provider based in Montreal. He is an ace programmer and possesses a creative talent to come up with bright ideas for websites. He enjoys soft music in his spare time.

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