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5 Signs It May Be Time To Quit Your Day Job

2012 October 26
by Contributor

One thing in life is clear; we are not tied down by our jobs. No-one is holding a gun to your head, demanding that you stay at your desk and fill-out a toppling mountain of paperwork; no-one has locked your office door to prevent you from escaping.

From time to time it is important to analyse your job from a personal perspective, is it really what you want? But what are the tell-tale signs which indicate it perhaps is for the best that you moved outwards, onwards and upwards? Here are 5 signs which tell you it may be time to quit your job.

Your Company Isn’t Doing So Well

In the current economic climate, layoffs, redundancies and management mix ups are rife. So, if you hear the quiet office rumour rumbles of financial trouble within the company; be proactive and start looking for a new job. There is nothing wrong with staying one step ahead of the game, you are not betraying your company by covering your back – it is in fact the smartest thing you could do.

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Potential Job Advancement Is Dashed

When you lose out on a job that was made for you, or that you were being groomed for by the boss, perhaps it’s time to move on. In any workplace, many people have been led up the garden path believing that they were next in line for a specific job role just to have someone recruited in just to take before your eyes. This is known as temporary dead end. Either you suck it up and settle for the title of office whipping boy for the rest of your life, or you truly value yourself and your skills; and up and leave.

Monday Blues

It’s natural that everyone hates Monday mornings. Why? Because we’ve all had glorious weekends filled with plenty of fun activities which were a mix of doing absolutely nothing (and loving it) and different social events.

However, do you think you dread a Monday like everyone else? Or do you dread Monday morning as soon as you wake on the Sunday morning – and perhaps dream about killing your boss on the Sunday night? Hating your job is not healthy, so if you really do dread those Monday mornings – leave. Life is too short to stress about your job; filling every day that passes with stress, worries and hatred of your office, bosses and co-workers. Look for a temp job to slip into for a while until you find another permanent one.

The Boss

Everyone has heard the stories of the boss from hell; and you must have heard enough to believe that they are mostly true! Unfortunately people of power can tend to be horrible human beings who sometimes abuse their position in the form of bullying. There is no point being in a job which you feel threatened, rushed and nervous 24/7 – so just take your stuff and leave your resignation note. There are plenty more offices with lovely bosses….well….some lovelier than others!

Throwing Sickies

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If you are finding regular excuses not to come in to work, you are probably not enjoying your job enough be it consciously or subconsciously. Be honest with yourself and understand that maybe the current job maybe is just not for you.

In conclusion, you should never let your job title run things; you should take ownership and pride in your employment. You should always reflect on your current situation, and if you feel like things just aren’t going your way; maybe it’s time for a change.

Author: Jenny Beswick found a better job this year through the Legal Week Jobs Board and luckily for her she is happy in her job; make it happen for you to!

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