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5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Spend Money On Your Website Design

2013 May 27
by Contributor

Put your hand up if you think it’s possible to start a business for less than $10. A lot of people do think it’s possible to start a business on the cheap. Maybe it’s because hundreds of people have told them it can be done, so I don’t blame them for thinking they can spend a few dollars and make a few million. A lot of us like to live in dreamland because we feel safe there, but you know miracles don’t happen to everyone and only 1% of people will be able to start a business for less than $10.

Just because you’re one of the people that know you will need to spend money to make money doesn’t necessarily mean you will spend money on the right things. Your website design is a good example of this because people think the only thing they need is a nice looking WordPress theme. If you want to improve your chances of becoming successful what you really need is an attractive customized design. We can even look at a few reasons why it’s going to help you out.

You won’t look like everyone else

When a WordPress theme becomes popular you can be sure that thousands of other websites will be using it too. That means the people who visit your site could potentially find another website that looks the exact same as your one. Do you want people to think you are the exact same as everyone else? If you do choose to go with WordPress because it’s easy to use you can still hire a professional who will help customize your theme so it looks completely original.

More people will opt-in

Your site needs to be designed so that as many people as possible will sign up to your email list. The reason why this is so important is because you will make more money in the long-run. You can’t get any simpler than that. All these cheap designs are not going to help you build a big email list, which is pretty funny when you think about it because a cheap design will eventually cost you more money. It could cost you a lot more money within a few months, so don’t let it.

You will look more professional

Everyone who has a horrible looking website needs to realize that people don’t think they are professional. It’s too easy these days to hire someone to make your site look pretty, so when you have a site that looks like it was put together by a child you won’t impress anyone. You want your visitors to give you their credit card details, so you should at least try to be as professional looking as possible so that they trust you.

Your site will be user friendly

A great website design doesn’t just mean your site looks attractive. That is only the tip of the iceberg and there are more important things to take into consideration. When your navigation is tuned correctly it means anyone landing on your site will be able to find something within a few clicks. They will enjoy reading your articles because the words will be large enough to read without moving their head closer to the screen.

A higher perceived value

You know you can make more money when more people sign up to your list, but that isn’t the only way a great design will help you make more money. When you have a lovely looking website you can increase the price of your products because they will have a higher perceived value. When your website looks horrible people won’t want to pay top-dollar for anything you sell. Would someone walk into a shop with boxes of clothes lying on the floor and pay hundreds of dollars for a dress?

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Dirk Cornwall is a web design expert who works for a leading design company ITW Consulting.  His expertise ranges from web designing to search engine optimization and many other things. He uses his vast knowledge to guide newbies, by sharing important tips about designing on his blog.

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