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5 Fascinating Ways To Make Work From Home A Great Experience

2012 February 20
by Contributor

Working from home can be a pleasing experience only if you are really interested in doing it. I have come across many people who are more enthusiastic during the starting period of the work but not after some time.

The main thing that lacks in those people is passion and interest.

Your workplace is the major thing that influences the style and interest about your work. While working from home itself has lots of advantages there are few methods by which you can get high levels of comfort and satisfaction while working from home.


Desk is the important tool that influences the way you work. If the desk is improper then it will not just end up with body ache and pain but also poor productivity. Always choose desks in such a way that it suits your needs and height. Neither should you go for over large desk nor for a very compact one.

An overlarge desk will lead to lot of waste to be accumulated on it causing much chaos and confusion while searching for important documents. A smaller one on the other hand makes you annoyed due to the fact that there won’t be much space for all your essentials to be kept.

Avoid Clutter

Clutter is one big menace that will spoil our mood frequently. If it is your office then you might have workers who clean up the workplace at end of the day but in a home office you must be extra careful since if you allow accumulating of waste then you will be serious trouble when it comes to cleaning the waste.

Additionally, at times you might not be able to distinguish between the waste and important documents if everything is accumulated on the same place. Clutters always lead to haphazard; to avoid such a situation clean your workplace frequently.


This is another important factor that influences our workplace. The temperature of the room should be such that it suits both winter and summer; day and night. If the room is too hot then you might feel sultry and also the heat might over heat your P.C and other electronic components.

Always use an air conditioned room for summers and if you dwell in a very cold place then you have to go in for efficient way to heat the room either by setting up a fireplace or by room heater. Also allow fresh air to the room through open windows every now and then so that it relaxes your mood and causes a lively feeling.

Light & Other Electrical Equipments

Lighting is an important issue. The light you are using should provide you the required illumination as well it shouldn’t produce glare or eye strain. Since these are the factors that make us feel irritated to work. Similarly we must have proper backups for power and internet supply since in case of power failure or connectivity failure we must be able to work with no strain. We can’t give lame excuses to our clients based on power failure or other hazards.

How Resourceful You Are?

This is another important factor that will influence your work and the work style. As an efficient worker you must make a checklist of all the resources you need for the month (or at least for a week) and have a stock of it. This includes the A4 sheets, other stationary, printer cartridges, etc. If you are overwhelmed by the supplies and the money needed to cover the same, you can try out discount deals from psprint and 123print that can help you with printing related deals.

Additionally, make sure that all your necessary equipments are in working condition. Format your system once in a while and update anti-virus frequently. Since how well your resources are organized will cause a effect on your work and thus on your productivity and income.

These are the five major factors that influence your working style and mood. If you are aptly prepared with all these five characteristics then you will surely have a great experience while working from home. Additionally other miscellaneous factors like your clothing (depending on the season), the color of the walls, the members of your home, the food you intake, the amount of sleep you get every day, etc influence your work. For making work from home a great experience you must concentrate on all these factors in addition to the top five factors stated above.

Jane has been working from home for over 3 years now, and she asserts it’s been a blast. If you’re looking for deals to save on home office supplies be sure to check out this Psprint promo code. Jane also recommends you read her review of 123Prints.  PsPrint and 123Print have the lowest prices on business cards, brochures, rubber stamps, banners, and other marketing material.

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  1. October 13, 2012

    Jane you told me regarding many things that I was doing the wrong way. My desk is always cluttered as is my inbox and desktop. I need to be more organized

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