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5 Facebook Marketing Resources You Need to Know About

2013 August 28

facebook marketingFacebook has been at the top of the social media revolution since the beginning. It may have been preceded by the likes of MySpace and Orkut etc. but it gave the masses the kind of connectivity that the personal-page centric layout of other social networking sites of the time did not.

Being easy to use, Facebook’s popularity grew rapidly and the company did well to monetize itself well enough also which of course led to it becoming a virtual goldmine for businesses and advertisers. In essence, it was Facebook that invented and propagated the social media marketing trend and the site has also been exponential in expanding its scope as well.

While every business owner knows that they need to have a Facebook page for their business and that they need to pay for a marketing plan that suits their budget also, there are a lot of other marketing resources that Facebook offers which businesses simply do not know about. Here are the top 5 Facebook marketing resources that you need to know about ASAP.

1. Facebook Studio

Facebook Studio is essentially a gallery of social marketing campaigns that the site itself dubs as being successful. If you are strapped for ideas about a campaign or want to see what the successful people have been doing to make the best of Facebook marketing, you can go to Facebook Studio and find inspiration. You can see what works in your own region or country, what fascinates and returns results with a particular demographic and even look at what marketers from another culture and country have been doing as well.

2. Success Stories

Success Stories is another Facebook Studio like platform that seeks to highlight and applaud innovative marketing efforts from around the globe. Something of a supplement to Facebook Studio, Success Stories presents successful campaigns from the world over into an easy to understand format. Essentially, each campaign is presented to marketers in a way that helps them understand the goals that these marketers created campaigns with, what kind of a response thy generated and what improvements they made along the way that lead to the kind of success they got. With stunning images, Success Stories is a very helpful tool that can help amateur or novice marketers study how they too can use Facebook and what helps make a campaign successful on the site.

3. Brand Resource & Permissions Center

Facebook may seem like a great social media site that provides marketers with all the tools they need to connect with customers and promote their wares. However, what a lot of marketers don’t realize is that the site is also very strict about what kind of content marketers can use and what provisions they need to abide by. These provisions, rules and regulations can be accessed at Facebook’s Brand Resource and Permissions Center. This center provides you with all the knowledge about what trademarks, logos and artwork from the site your brand can use in its campaigns. There also a number of other rules like you cannot include a phrase like “enter the contest below” or “get 50 percent off” on the cover picture for your business. Violating these terms can get your account suspended.

4. Facebook Demo Tool

To preview the appearance of ad placements for Sponsored or Premium Story, you can use the demo tool offered by Facebook. The tool allows you to see how the post would appear from a user’s POV. This really helps marketers streamline campaigns and artwork used in the ads and marketers can easily see how a certain ad would appear to the user whether in a sponsored ad post or as a sidebar ad.

5. Facebook Marketing Page

For absolute beginners as well as those that haven’t had the time to actually go through Facebook’s marketing offering so far, the official Facebook marketing page is a valuable resource. It is essentially an depth look at what the platform is all about, what it offers, what rules and regulations markets have to follow, the dos and don’ts, etc. the page is also very useful in keeping marketers up to date with the new offerings that the platform has come up with which is quite crucial since the site is constantly evolving itself and its methods to become more user friendly for marketers as well as users.

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