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5 Crazy Reasons Why People Don’t Update Their Website Design Until It’s Too Late

2013 June 21
by Contributor

Most people don’t have a good looking design, yet they refuse to do anything about it. I’ve spoken about the 5 biggest excuses people always come up with and why they don’t make sense.

Is your website ugly? We’re all friends here, so you can be honest. Do you actually like the look of your site? Most people think their website is great, but the truth is rather different. They just can’t see it for some strange reason and they don’t want to change anything.

Because they don’t want to change anything and it could be hurting them financially. If you don’t want to update your design you must have a good excuse, so we’ll look at some of the biggest reasons why people keep the same horrible design until the bitter end.

I Don’t Have The Money

You do have the money. You might not have enough money to have the site completely redesigned by an expensive professional, but you have enough money to pay a freelancer to carry out little tweaks. Sometimes it’s those tweaks that will help you get the best results. A more attractive opt-in form will help you entice more people to sign up. A new logo will help you look more professional. You get the idea, so don’t waste all your money but invest a little back into your design.

Look At Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the ugliest websites in the world, but for some reason it still earns millions of dollars in revenue. This is a terrible excuse and you know it, because websites like Craigslist are definitely the exception and not the rule. It’s a little like me telling you to become a guitarist because Eddie Van Halen was pretty good. You can’t compare yourself to the big fish. I hope you become one, but your website probably won’t make money if it’s butt ugly.

People Like My Site

Your site is small and you’re not popular enough to have amassed enough haters. People will obviously tell you the website is good because they like you. They certainly don’t want to hurt your feelings because they know you will cry like a little girl. Don’t believe anyone when they talk about your website unless they don’t know it belongs to you. I bet you will probably hear some different words spewing out of their mouths in those scenarios.

I’ll Do It Soon

How soon is soon? In about twenty years? When you have more money? People always say they will redesign their website soon, but for some reason they always end up sitting around for years. When they finally do something about it they end up having a lot more success. Those people wish they had done something sooner, but it’s too late for them. It’s not too late for you, so do something about it before you end up regretting your decision further down the line.

I Don’t Want To Risk Anything

Just because you need to revamp your website doesn’t mean it looks horrible at the moment. It might just be terribly outdated and in need of some new life. You might not want to risk changing anything in case it harms you. If you’re in this situation you should make changes slowly while testing everything to make sure your income keeps increasing. It might take you longer, but it will definitely mean the website will make you money rather than help you lose some.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

We’ve talked about what to do when you don’t have a lot of money. You can implement the changes slowly so your income doesn’t drop off. Do you have any more excuses for why it can’t be done now? It’s something you will definitely regret later on, so you need to force yourself to invest money into your business. It’s the only way you’re going to become a roaring success.

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The author of this post, Neena Jones is a website developer working with a reputable Toronto based company Trice Web Development. She has a keen interest in website development and likes to share her ideas via blogging. When not working on websites, she loves baking cookies.

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