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3 Important Reasons To Learn Math

2014 December 22
by Contributor

mathematicsHow many times have you heard your children complaining that math is boring, difficult and completely impractical? Children, who have a hard time understanding why learning math is important and how math skills can be useful to them, are less motivated to study and more often fail at math tests. Finding good reasons to learn math can also help your children establish goals for the future and do their best to pursue them.

Most career paths are based on math skills

It is safe to say that almost all students need to use math to establish themselves as professionals. Are your kids interested in any of the new, fancy jobs, such as an app developer or a graphic designer? If they are, then we have news for them: 90% of these cool jobs are based on math and require math skills at college level minimum. And even if your children are not computer geeks and are not interested in becoming an expert in technology, they should be aware that math tests are used as a part of an application for jobs such as a policeman, an automobile worker etc. What about college? Do your kids plan to go to college one day? If they do, that is one more reason to study math. Most colleges in the US require 3-4 years of high school math and studies show that the admission rates for high school students, who chose geometry and algebra are much higher (86%) than for students, who did not (36%).

Math helps develop critical thinking

With no math skills your kids would be completely lost. They would not be able to make simple calculations when they shop, they would not know how to read charts or graphs. In result, they would not be able to make much sense of most of the information they receive and they would not have any means of establishing which information is believable and which is incorrect and false. Mathematics is a discipline based on definitions and operations, which are true regardless of the circumstances. These rules can be used to evaluate the information you receive everyday and establish what is true and what is not. Math also allows you to draw correct conclusions from the vast amount of data, which surround us every day.

Math is more practical than you think

Children see math as impractical also because it is taught that way. Math theories are often conveyed to students in a very abstract way, focusing only on arithmetic operations, not real life objects. In result, students do not see any relation between math and their everyday experience. This can be easily changed, though, if you allow your children to participate in Singapore Math classes or after school math program. This teaching method is based on a three step learning process, which involves concrete objects and pictorial representations used to illustrate math theory and find solutions to math problems. Singapore Math allows children to completely change their view on learning math and gain more confidence in their problem solving skills.

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