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3 Great Tools to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

2012 July 16

Social media has quickly become a very important way for people to connect and engage with others. The problem for most, however, is properly maintaining their accounts on various social media platforms and all the time that can take.

But fear not. Software companies have developed great tools to allow you to manage your social media accounts in a more convenient and effective way. Below are three great tools to manage your social media accounts.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite operates much like a dashboard with all of the controls you need to keep your various profiles and posts in line. The site allows you to connect your various social networks to a single location, saving you time and hassle.

Using the dashboard, you can schedule regular updates to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress and other social media sites via a variety of different platforms. Hootsuite also provides you with invaluable statistics that let you know how successful your latest marketing campaign has been and what the latest trend is in the industry. This information gives you the foundation for a strong analysis of what you are doing with your website and whether you are doing it right.

2. FollowerWonk

Though it doesn’t allow you to track various social media sites, if you have more than one Twitter account for your own use or your company’s use (like having more than one person in your office with an official business Twitter feed or using one account for product news and another on company updates), FollowerWonk is a great way to uncover follower overlap between more than one Twitter account.

The free program can display for you the follower overlap between three accounts and breaks them down in easy-to-understand numbers. You can get the raw results, the individual users’ information and a Venn diagram that provides a visual to make those raw numbers all the more understandable.

3. Wildfire: Social Media Monitor

This tool from Wildfire tracks how a company’s brand is succeeding on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and allows your company to compare results with others in the industry. It also provides the opportunity for you as an individual or your company to create interactive campaigns that are consistent with your brand or image like contests or surveys that you can then publish to multiple networks and websites.

Just note that while some of the basic tools from Wildfire are free, some of the premium services do come with a fee.

This article was provided by Ascent Internet, a Web design and online marketing company that also provides social media services. They help business’ develop a superior online presence.

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