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How The Internet Has Revolutionized Transparency For Consumers

2021 June 22
by Annie Wallace

The concept of transparency seems to be everywhere these days, from the products we consume to the governments we look to in guiding our countries. Social media is another haven for transparency. With millions of eyes watching, it’s difficult for any organization or individual to say one thing and do another.

Advocates of the transparency movement say that it is a very good thing; after all, transparency is serving to keep people honest and up front about the products and services they sell to consumers. But another camp is coming to the fore which says that transparency may not be such a good thing after all. read more…

How to Turn a Poor Experience into Your Own Business Opportunity

2020 June 14
by Annie Wallace

How to Turn a Poor Experience into Your Own Business OpportunityWhen you become a mom, your career is affected dramatically, even if you do have support and help!

But sometimes those dramatic changes lead to a new – more exciting and better career!

This is what happened to Pam of The 3 Monkey Tribe! Here’s her story!

Pam had worked in retail management all of her life until she had to “retire” when her first son was born back in 1999 and after having 2 more sons in 2007 she was ready to get back to the workforce and decided to open her own business in Entertainment and Inflatables.

Pam’s family started the business back in 2007 and has grown year after year in the field and now the family is thought to be an authority in the industry running a successful and rewarding company while growing a family in the meantime. read more…

How to Start Your Own Lactation Counseling Business: Kealy Hawk

2020 June 14
by Annie Wallace

How to Start Your Own Lactation Counseling Business: Kealy Hawk When you become a mom, you get to realize new things and create your new normal. Sometimes you feel the urge to help fellow moms and this becomes your career!

Kealy Hawk is a registered nurse and most importantly a mommy! In fact, that’s why she got into lactation counseling.

Q. When and why did you decide to start your online venture? What inspired you? 

I started my online breastfeeding support business, Little Bear Care, in 2019. It was a result of breastfeeding struggles I faced with my first baby. I was a nurse and couldn’t believe how hard breastfeeding was for us! read more…

How to Start a New Life and a New Business : Sentinelco

2020 March 12
by Annie Wallace

How to Start a New Life and a New Business : SentinelcoSometimes we need a real push to start something new and awesome.

I, for one, started my own business when I got fired from my day job because I was pregnant, so I can so much relate to this story!

It is fascinating and so inspiring! read more…

How to Start a Sustainable Business with Raelyn Tan

2020 March 12
by Annie Wallace

Raelyn Tan: how to start a sustainable businessWe continue featuring fellow moms and empowered women who had the courage to start their own business.

This time we are please to have Raelyn Tan, an inspiring woman who helps ambitious bloggers and online entrepreneurs grow their audience, build their list and make monetize their blogs. read more…

Persistence is Key to Success to Moms’ Entrepreneurship : Galit Zamler

2019 January 16
by Annie Wallace

Persistence is Key to Success to Moms' Entrepreneurship :This article is the beginning of hopefully ViralMom’s series sharing mom entrepreneurship stories. If you want to be featured, please submit your answers here.

Today we are featuring Galit Zamler, a business and social entrepreneur, an advisor, and lecturer on entrepreneurship education.

Read Galid’s great blog: read more…

How Blogging Helps Moms in Generating Income

2018 December 4
by Annie Wallace

Getting into a long-term relationship is never easy. Especially if you are married, know that you will have to sacrifice many things either voluntarily or involuntarily. I never like being financially dependent on anyone even on my husband. Before my marriage, I was a very passionate and career oriented woman but after my marriage, I had to quit my bank job to stay at home with my children. I was very sad when I had to kiss my one and only personal source of income goodbye.

Compromising on my financial independence was never an option for me so I decided to change my career and stepped into blogging. Among all other online money making methods like drop shipping, freelancing etc, blogging has become a piece of cake because of sites like WordPress and Blogger. Remember though, building a blog is easy but turning it into a moneymaking machine to generate a five-figure income is not only difficult but challenging as well. read more…

Should You Hire Family Members on Your Small Business?

2018 June 15
by Annie Wallace

Hiring a family member to work with you on your small business can be rewarding on a relationship level and on a business level. It’s always dicey to mix business with loving relationships, though. Misunderstandings due to the nature of the business world can lead to animosity that could last for years.

You have to weigh the potential discomfort of bringing the family business home with you on the holidays against the good will you could generate by hiring a relative. As more people find themselves without work during this recession, small business owners feel more pressure to help their families out by giving a job to a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or other relative who has lost a job. read more…

The Top 10 Entrepreneurs Of The Decade

2017 June 21
by Annie Wallace

The past decade has produced so many fantastic entrepreneurs that it is hard to choose which ones are the best.  I have split it into two categories.

I am going to start with the top young entrepreneurs of the decade.

1. Andora Svitak aged 12 has published two books and she has spoken at over 400 schools.  This young lady has been on Good Morning America and on CNN.  She has even started her own magazine Girlpez.  She is the youngest magazine publisher in the world.

2. Phillip Harman aged 15 won the 2008 Young inventor of the Year award for his invention which was a system that fuses optical fibers.  He is possibly going to the greatest inventor of our centaury as he continues to invent. read more…

Guilt Trip, but Who’s the Jury?

2016 November 14
by Annie Wallace

When you are running a home, family, looking after children and running your own business at the same time…well, there are some tough choices to be made sometimes.

As a man, I am not supposed to be as good at multi-tasking as women.  Yup that sums it up.  How do you do it?

As a single dad, I experience what single working mums and many mums with partners experience.  Guilt.

I feel guilty when I don’t pay my daughter the attention she demands, I feel guilty when I notice the layer of dust on the mantelpiece, I feel guilty when I see this morning’s breakfast dishes still in the sink at dinner time and I feel guilty when I am not at my computer or on the phone to a client.

What should we do about these feelings of guilt.  There seem to be two course of action.

Direction #1 – find a Birch tree, cut a low hanging, whippy branch, cut near the trunk…you got it, reach over your shoulder with it and beat until you draw blood.

Direction #2 – get over it! read more…